Market Research Service

The Fleischmann Market Research Service was founded in 1992 and has become an established firm in the market.
Many clients have received consulting and other services from us for seven years or more. Our strengths include a high degree of quality and professionalism as well as customer-oriented services.

We offer our market research services during planning, organization and implementation of market research projects.

Our range of services includes:

• Coordination of national studies
• Studios in all of the Federal Republic of Germany (partner studios)
• Methodological design
• Drafting of discussion/moderator guides
• Moderation of focus group discussions and workshops
• Group leader assistance
• Records during focus group discussions (laptop)
• Experienced simultaneous interpreters (all languages)
• Tape transcripts
• Evaluation and analysis of material
• Reports (summary/detailed) or Management Summaries
• Drafting of presentation charts


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